“What Love Wasn’t “


 (What Love wasn’t)

All experiences in our life teaches us a lesson. But as life teaches you, the question is are you teachable, are you willing to learn your lesson... Going through my toxic marriage and divorce I’ve learned so much. With all the hurt and the pain; With all the betrayal and abuse, later on I realize that in all this their was a lesson to be learned. One thing that I truly learned was “What Love wasn’t “ 

Love does not hurt but it heals...

Love does not speak low of you, It doesn’t call you stupid or tell you that you will never be nothing. It does not call you out of your name. Love does not put his hands on you because of a simple disagreement. Love does not let you cry alone. Love doesn’t cheat. Love doesn’t wish death on you. Love doesn’t threaten to kill you. Love doesn’t flirt with everyone else and leave you empty. Love is not fear. Love is not having sex with him because you fear he might get it somewhere else. Love is not controlling or possessive. Love is not selfish. Love is not dishonest. Love is not resentful or unsupportive. Love is not petty or irrational. Love doesn’t isolate you from your friends and family. Again Love does not hurt or take pleasure in your pain.

Theirs so much more of what  I learned “Love is not”, but it gives me a better understanding of what Love is... God says it very well on what Love should look like in 1st Corinthians 13:4-13. Even though my learning process was a painful one I am so looking forward to learning “What Love is”... I can’t wait to finally say I do to my true love and best friend this time around. I can’t wait to hearing I love you because he just do. I can’t wait to get flowers just because... I can’t wait to have disagreements that ends with a kiss. I can’t wait to hear how smart and beautiful I am because I am... lol. I can’t wait to hold hands in public because he wants the world to see his love for me. I can’t wait to be uplifted the moments I feel down and wanting to giving up. I can’t wait to be held in his arms at night knowing all fear is gone.

I can’t wait to know how it feels when someone is truly honest and faithful. I can’t wait to know how it feels to be put first.

I can’t wait to learn “What Love Is... this time around...🙌🏽❤️👑

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