“Letting Go”


         Not everyone will exist in your process. Finding myself included letting go of some toxic people in my life. Being in abusive marriage had me holding on to the wrong things. I was afraid to leave because of all that image we worked hard to keep. I held on for all the wrong reasons. I was so afraid that certain people would not believe me. Or that the whole concept of divorce was a sign of failure. The longer I held on the weaker I was becoming and the closer to my grave I was getting. Many people say if you decide to let go then that means your giving up and that your weak and your losing the battle. You might just be winning the battle 🤔... During my process of healing after my divorce, finding myself I’ve discovered that the most strongest people and the most wisest have understood and mastered the art of letting go. Letting go sometimes is a great thing. It’s relief , it’s being able to breathe again. I was able to breath again!!! Letting go saved my life...!!! No weight weighing you down. It’s a feeling that’s close to freedom. Correction it is freedom. Holding on to the wrong things and people can cause you to lose your sanity. You deserve your sanity. Not everything or everyone deserves to be held on to. Hurt, depression, heart breaks, anger, bitterness, toxic relationships, the past and etc... All deserves to be let go. Just holding on to these negative energy and emotions will spread like cancer and kill any purpose that’s living in you. So the next time you feel like your weak if you let go of certain things just don’t feel guilty about the negative and toxic things. I’ve learned to let go and smile through it all... I love me too much to hold on to the very thing that’s killing me...

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