Finding Myself


  Finding myself was the best moment of my life. That moment I realized who I really was. I was no longer bound to the lies... The lies that tried to make me believe that I was worthless, I was never going to make it, that I was stupid, that I wasn’t beautiful enough , and etc.

  I first had to accept the fact that I will need to start over. Begin with a clean slate.

  I decided to start dating myself. I would take my self to the movies. I would take myself to the fanciest restaurant. I had meditation time. I also had to ask myself  questions like What do “I” like? What “I” don’t like? What do “I” want out of my life? Where do “I” want to be in 5 to 10 years? All those questions I realized I had no answer to. (Ask yourself those questions and can you truly answer it all honestly)... As I continued this journey to finding myself  I then was able to answer those questions.

    It took me 3 years of going through the process. I had to let go of everything negative in my life. Bad habits was one of them. I had to really focus on knowing who I was. I had made it my business to explore new things. Exploring opened me up to all possibilities.

      Finding myself most importantly took prayer and reading the word. The more I got connected spiritually the closer I was finding who I was. You see If God created me, he must be the best person to go to that can help me with my journey.

    After finding myself and knowing who I was. I was now ready to love this person, I was ready to love me. I started to appreciate every part of me, even the imperfect parts. I became my own #WCW (woman crush Wednesday ). Finding myself opened the door to me Loving Me. #AmbassadorMsHaiti #SandraLove