(Introduction to Sandra Love Ambassador Ms.Haiti)

     My whole life changed on March 24, 2018. The moment I was crowned “Ambassador Ms.Haiti” This process was challenging, but all worth it. This day I will never forget.

    Hi my name is Sandra Love, Your Ambassador Ms.Haiti. I am  the mother of three beautiful girls. I am the CEO of Bella Beauty Lounge and the Founder of Walking In Love Ministry. I am a certified Motivational Speaker as well.

    My platform is on “Self  Love”. Growing up was never easy for me. I dealt with so much insecurities and had no clue of who I was. 2008 was when I got married and had my first beautiful daughter. While in the marriage I dealt with physical abuse, emotional abuse and verbal abuse. I struggled with depression and wanted to take my own life several times. I felt worthless and ugly. I did not like me. I finally decided to walk away and leave the marriage in 2013 where I lost everything. Still the strongest and the best decision I have ever made.

     In 2014 I made the conscious decision to start my healing process. It wasn’t easy but it was worth it. You might be wondering what did I do to start the process? Well on my next blog I’ll spill the tea. During my process I was getting closer in finding myself. Who was I? A question at the time I struggled answering. I knew my name but I didn’t know the person behind. it. It took me about three years to heal and find myself.

    I’ve learned that the journey on becoming a better you will be challenging, but it’s within the challenges where our strengths are being built.

When I made the decision to enter Haiti International Pageant, I knew all those life lessons I’ve learned will be tested again. Did you know the moment I signed up I started to lose everything. And maybe God was preparing me for a time like this. The pageant tested my faith and in who I am. I had to lose so that I can gain something much greater. I have not only become Sandra Love, but I have now gained. I am Ambassador Ms.Haiti 2018.