Why do you hide behind  those shades...? I asked her

Her respond:

Its to hide away the tears that I don't want no one to see.

Its to hide the pain in my eyes.

You see... My shades don't judge me.

They are their to protect me from the hard sun light called life...

I have them to protect my identity because I'm not confident in who I am anymore..

My shades cover up my hurts and my scars... 

It covers up my insecurities...

I feel much safer that way...


My Response:

Take off those shades....

Its OK to show your tears... Your eyes shine and gets a glow afterwards.

Your pain is beautiful your scars are unique, look just like mine.

Look at me, I wont judge you... We all make mistakes... we all hurt.

Please Remove the shades 

Those shades hide your beauty "Your Beautiful"

The only way you'll find out who you truly are if you take off those shades...

(She then slowly took off the shades and she resembled me)