Breath again!

Sometimes people can be mean and put you down because of your flaws 


Sometimes they determine who you are because of your past, 
but they don't understand we all are not perfect and people do change 
if that wasn't the case then why is their such thing as being born again? 

What I realize is that to some point of our life we all have experience hurt in some way or form 
But how we go about it is how we determine our maturity and who we are 


Sometimes people will create those tears you try to hold in for so long 
Sometimes people will rob you of your joy, just when you think .... everything is going well 
But understand people will take from you if you have something to give 
And their are those that are like leaches, will suck the life out of you 
But be strong and of good courage, 
because we live to learn 
We cry to heal 
Make mistakes to change 
and we love to be love 
And I realize that God is not those people, even though he created them 
He has to take us through these journey to help us grow 
Its like a father preparing His child for the real world 

So exhale and breathe again 
yes, breath again! 
and live to learn! 
cry to heal! 
And forgive, "those sometimes people" 
because at some point in our lives, we were one of them... 

Now exhale and breathe again! 
Yes! breath again. 


~Sandra Momplaisir ~