I'm Learning Love...

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I'm learning how awesome God's Love is.

I now understand my purpose in Him. It is to Love like Him, Forgive like Him, and Fight like Him, To find Peace in Him.

Love is much greater than our mortal understanding it is beyond our thoughts and imaginations.

Our mistakes is what makes us see what Love truly is.

Love can only manifest where their is brokenness,  sadness,  mistakes and in  any area we as human fall short in. Just like light can only shine in darkness.

Love is transparent. It sees through the lies, the brokenness,  the guilt, the hurt, the mistakes,  and everything else. Just as God sees our heart.

Wherever their is healing, Love is in the midst. Wherever their is joy, Love is present. Wherever their is peace,  Love exists. And wherever their is Love,  You have found God.

                         ~ SandraMomplaisir