Sandra Love was born and raised in Miami, Florida. Her parents were born and raised in Haiti. Came down to the United States for a better life. Sandra is the third child on her mother side and the fourth child on her father side. Sandra growing up was known as the “miracle” baby. While in her mothers womb complications occur. The doctors advised Sandra’s mother to abort Sandra in order to live or both will die. Sandra’s mother and father were praying people and had a church that supported them in prayer. So Sandra’s parents refuse to abort and went through with giving birth. Best decision ever made!!!
   While growing up Sandra always felt like she was different. Sandra fell in love with “Love”. She always wrote poems when she was happy or when she was sad. Sandra Love was more of an artist. She not only wrote poetry but she also loves to design. Sometimes  even catch her singing.  In 2005 right after high school Sandra Love attended American Intercontinental University to study business and fashion design. 
        Sandra became a mother of three beautiful girls.
      As Sandra went through her process in life she started to understand her purpose in life. While in her broken place she birthed out her ministry “Walking In Love”. She wants to spread the same Agape (unconditional love) that God showed to her, to the world. Sandra wears her scars beautifully and everyone loves her transparency.
       Sandra is a motivational speaker and a successful business owner of Bella Beauty Lounge Inc. Sandra has spoken in many events to encourage and build young women as herself. Sandra is also a radio personnel, a co-host at “The Urban Gospel Show” on WHIM. Sandra Love was also Ms. Jacmèl 2018. On March 24, 2018 Sandra WON the Haiti International Pageant and gained her Title as Ambassador Ms. Haiti 2018. Sandra is ready to make a difference... Take this journey with her and you won’t regret it.